Collective life

It has only solved material problems

February 14th 2021
The solutions human beings have found to the problems inherent in collective life are purely superficial. Outwardly, they have formed nations and organized societies whose members support each other, and in which each individual contributes to the good of the whole and benefits from it. Yet inwardly, individuals remain isolated, aggressive and hostile towards one another. They have not learned how to transpose the material, practical progress achieved, or their skills in the areas of organization and technology, to their inner lives. That is why, despite all this progress, humanity is still suffering from the same evils – war, poverty, famine and oppression – on a scale unheard of until now. It is essential to understand once and for all that no real improvement can come about without a profound change of mentality. Only when human beings feel themselves united psychically and spiritually will they succeed in forming a true society: a universal brotherhood within themselves. When each individual strives to attain the higher consciousness of unity, then societies, peoples and nations will begin to live in freedom and happiness.