Human beings

All the sciences reside within them

February 17th 2021
All the sciences must be placed in the service of the one science truly worth studying: that of the human being. Today, unfortunately, it has been abandoned in favour of physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, and so on. You will say that the sciences of human anatomy and physiology are at least worth something. Of course, but these basic sciences study the physical framework of human beings, not the human being as a whole. A change of point of view is necessary. From now on, the whole human being must be considered as the centre of the universe, including the divinity that dwells within him. All the other sciences must contribute to this one science; they should no longer be considered independently because in reality, a human being is a summary of all that exists, and all the sciences converge in him. Once this new point of view is established in the minds of thinkers, all of existence will be transformed. Instead of focusing on the externals, on all that is material, rigid and lifeless, life itself with all its subtle aspects will be given top priority.