God has given us the means to make infinite progress

February 19th 2021
God has given human beings the possibility to make infinite progress… to become just like him. Unfortunately, most people have a deplorable attitude that prevents them from using this possibility. It is as though they were chloroformed. Yet no one is absolutely bound hand and foot – even the most limited creatures possess the means to surpass themselves – and if they would only turn their eyes and their thoughts to the Lord, they would discover their own possibilities. Of course, it all depends on what kind of things you want. If what matters most to you are material things – success, money, and pleasure – if there is no room in your mind for spiritual values, you will never make any progress. But when someone puts love, beauty and the spirit before everything else in their life, without worrying about whether they will be rich or poor, well dressed or in rags, honoured or ridiculed, then for them, everything is possible.