New currents

Strengthening ourselves to withstand the tension they will produce

February 21st 2021
Observe yourself and observe others, then you will notice that when people accept a spiritual teaching, however exalted it may be, after a month, six months, or a year, depending on the individuals concerned, they begin to have contradictory reactions. They are ill at ease, irritated, or they rebel. Instead of intensifying the positive aspects of their nature, their spiritual work seems only to accentuate the negative. Why? Because each new thought, each new feeling is liable to ferment in those who have not prepared themselves to receive them. When Jesus said, ‘No one puts new wine into old wineskins; one puts new wine into fresh wineskins’, he was expressing the same idea: human beings have to prepare new forms within themselves capable of receiving and sustaining a new philosophy, new ideas, a new teaching. In other words, they have to attune themselves to that philosophy in advance, and strengthen and prepare their stomach, lungs and head – their entire physical and psychic organism – so that they can withstand the tension caused by the advent of new currents.