An initiatic teaching gives us the means to improve our future incarnations

February 24th 2021
The most useful aspect of an initiatic teaching is that it gives us the means to improve our future incarnations. Those who do not understand how useful such a teaching can be will not only fail to improve anything, but they will also be in danger of losing the few advantages they already have. Take the case of a rich man: if he does nothing good with his wealth, if he is interested only in the pleasures of an ordinary life, he will have to endure great material difficulties in his next incarnation. He will not even know that he was once very rich and that his present sorry lot is due to the fact that he did not use his wealth to help others. And this law does not only concern financial fortunes; it applies to all forms of wealth – intelligence, beauty, physical and psychic health, and so on. A great many people come into the world with terrible handicaps simply because they did not know about this essential truth of initiatic science: that they themselves are the artisans of their own future.