Circle with a point, the

A structure that exists everywhere

February 27th 2021
The circle with a point in the centre is a structure that exists throughout the universe. It is that of the solar system, in which the sun is the centre. It is also found in cells, which consist of a nucleus, a substance known as cytoplasm, and a surrounding membrane. It exists in fruit: in the centre there is the seed, then the pulp, the juicy flesh that we eat, and finally the skin or the husk. Every living organism is made up of a centre, surrounded by a space in which life circulates, and finally a ‘skin’ that serves as a boundary, an outer limit. From the solar system all the way down to the atom, we find this same structure: the circle with a point in the centre. The space surrounding the point represents matter; without this space, matter could not exist. But the spirit has no need of space; the power of the spirit lies in being an infinitesimal point that is active everywhere at all times.