Spiritual qualities

Focus your attention on them to make continual progress

March 3rd 2021
Why do you always set your sights on attaining easy successes that do not last? Instead, why not work to achieve something of unimaginable splendour? You are willing to devote five, six, or even ten years to becoming a lawyer, an engineer, a scientist or a doctor, but what is the true value of such an ideal? Besides, what is ten or twenty years? There are goals to be aimed for in life nobler than a university degree – even if a degree confers social standing and material security. Why not focus your attention on a spiritual quality? You may need centuries to develop it, but it will be a constant beacon to light your path. Divine goodness, patience, purity, integrity, beauty and so on – it will take you more than ten or twenty years to earn diplomas such as these. But this is precisely what you should work hard towards, for that which is difficult, virtually unattainable even, is what will allow you to make continual progress.