Universal knowledge

Obtained by living in harmony with the divine world

March 5th 2021
However great your knowledge, if your life is not in harmony with the laws of nature, this knowledge will slip from your grasp. However, if you possess the science of life that is taught in initiatic schools, your being will be flooded with eternal, universal, cosmic knowledge, and each day will bring new discoveries, new revelations. This knowledge is already within you, but it is so deeply buried that it can be brought to the surface only if you lead a harmonious and divine life – no need for books or years of study, this life gives you all the essentials. This is why I say that if you rely only on book learning and forget about living in harmony with heaven, all your knowledge will fade and disappear. Even the talents you already possess will be lost. If, on the other hand, you decide to make every effort to live in harmony with the divine world, true knowledge will come and dwell within you.