A current that must flow

January 7th 2012
Don’t concern yourself with knowing whether the person you love loves you in return. Why? Because love goes round from one person to the next: you receive it, and so you must give it. What you give to someone you love will be passed on; in this way a chain is formed, a current, that leaves you and comes back to you through thousands of men and women. Often, when two people simply bounce love back to each other, they do not allow the current to flow; on the contrary, they cut it off. Here is another image. Picture humans as mountaineers, all roped together. Each one has to keep moving on, and the rope has to remain taut. If you say to the person in front of you, ‘I love you; turn round; look at me’, you hold up the whole party. Turning round slackens the rope and prevents those in front from carrying on climbing and those behind from following on. Each person must fall in with the whole chain. We should not stop on the way to look at each other and speak together; we must keep climbing, without respite, without fail, towards the summit. Daily life will provide you with countless opportunities for interpreting this image!