The sun is an example

It sends us messages but remains on high

March 10th 2021
It is important to understand what I mean when I tell you not to come down from the heights. You might say, ‘Yes, of course; I always keep myself on a higher plane. I never reach out to others or try to help them. I am very careful to maintain my prestige and dignity.’ But that is not at all what I mean. For me, to stay on a higher plane means to be unfailingly noble, fair and generous. The heights I am talking about are your inner nobility and light. On the physical plane, we are constantly obliged to go up and down, but on the plane of our inner being, we can always avoid going down, that is, giving in to our baser instincts, or doing something illicit or ignoble. You must not be like those haughty, disdainful, uncaring people who never stoop to offer a helping hand. Instead, take an example from the sun; for the sun reaches down to us and sends us warmth and light, it sends us messages of love, it sends us its soul and its very life, but the sun itself remains forever on high.