Negative thoughts and feelings

Avoid them in order to be healthy

March 24th 2021
If you realized what a marvel your physical body is, if you knew in what workshops your organs had been built, if you knew how much work the spirit had put into them, and how much it cost the Creator to perfect the whole system, you would take better care of it. You will say that you are careful, that you eat healthy foods and you exercise, that you get plenty of sleep and so on. Perhaps, but take for example a man who owns a fancy car. He takes great care of it, always choosing the best quality fuel, the best tyres, and so forth – but when he gets behind the wheel, he is neither careful nor in control of himself. He drives recklessly, tearing around at top speed and slamming on the brakes, and before long, his poor, mishandled car breaks down. So, it is not enough to give your body the best food or the best material conditions. If you truly want to be healthy, you must be attentive, farsighted and careful drivers. In other words, you must avoid impassioned states and the negative, discordant thoughts and feelings that are so detrimental to your organism.