Demeaning tastes

Instead of struggling against them head on, kindle a love of light

March 26th 2021
What ruins most people is their fondness for sordid activities, pleasures or subjects of conversation that drag them down to the lower levels of the astral and mental planes. It is as if something inside them relishes all that is harmful to them, and they carry on even knowing that it will lead to their downfall. You will say that it is impossible to change our predilections. True, it is very difficult, but there is still a method that can help you to do so. Instead of struggling head on against your partiality for things that demean you, try to find ways of kindling a love of light, a love of a high ideal that will uplift and enrich you, and make you more beautiful. No human being has come to earth loving only heavenly things. Everyone is tempted, particularly in their youth, by dubious pleasures to some degree. This is normal. What is not normal, however, is to stagnate on that level. For an initiate, a person’s degree of evolution is measured by their ability to elevate their aspirations, to aim their desires ever further, ever higher.