Spiritual sun, the

Expose your seeds to its rays so that they may grow

March 27th 2021
Plants do not grow in winter, even though the soil is full of seeds, because there is not enough warmth and sunlight. But in the spring, as warmth and light increase, all those seeds begin to grow. You know this, you have seen it, but you still have not understood anything, for if you had, you would have drawn your own conclusions – you would have observed that the same phenomenon occurs within you. For there are seeds in you too, the seeds of the qualities and virtues that God sowed within you from the very beginning, but they do not grow because you do not seek to expose yourself to the rays of the spiritual sun. This is why we go to watch the sun rising every morning in spring and summer, for the sun is the purest image of the Divine, and in this way, we give the seeds within us the best possible conditions in which to grow and manifest themselves. As for those who believe themselves to be intelligent and learned enough to scorn this practice, their seeds will remain buried for all eternity.