Pure love is like a fountain of life

March 28th 2021
Try to understand that love is a state of consciousness. This is worth meditating on – for years even – if you want to further your evolution. As long as you do not know love as a state of consciousness, you will remain blindfolded and in darkness, never understanding what life is about. Of all the qualities that can help bring you closer to this state of consciousness, purity is the most important. Purity means thoughts and feelings that are devoid of selfishness. The three words – life, love and purity – are linked. Why? Because life depends on love, and the purer this love is, the richer, brighter, more beautiful and abundant life is. The meaning of life is to love and be loved. When your love for others is pure, you are like a fountain of life for them, just as those who love you bring you life too.