High ideal

By always adhering to it, you become a source of help to others

March 30th 2021
You can live in society, in fact, you must live in society, but you must hold fast to light and wisdom so that you always remain equal to any situation. For if you give in, if you go spiritually bankrupt, not only will you lose your strength, your security and your authority, but you will also lose all your magnetism and charm, and once these have gone, you will no longer be interesting or attractive to others. Those who fail to understand this are working against their own interests, for once they lose their radiance, people simply abandon them or trample them underfoot. You must associate with people, you must love them, help them and work with them, but at the same time adhere to your high ideal, to your divine philosophy. In doing so, you become a focal point, a spring, a garden, an orchard for others. Not only will a high ideal fill your every need, but it will also give you the means to help others.