Visiting friends

Preparing to give them the most beautiful flowers and gifts by means of thought

April 1st 2021
You would like to visit friends but you have no flowers to give them, and the florists are closed. Concentrate for a few minutes with all your love, and imagine the most beautiful fresh flowers – you can even add a card with a few kind words if you wish. After having sent this thought, go to them and you will see how you will be welcomed. Is this how you usually prepare to visit your relatives or friends? No, before going to see them, you brood over grudges you hold against them, already planning how to settle certain scores. So, what good can come of your visit? You must never visit anyone without bringing them gifts. While you may not be an artist who can paint them pictures, nor a singer or a musician who can sing or play, inwardly, you can always do something. Inwardly, you can do everything: sing, play and bring the finest gifts. This is true magic.