Once their cells have been awakened, human beings are no longer the same; their consciousness expands and they live in the dimension of the spirit

April 4th 2021
A seed that has been planted in the ground is just like a creature that has been placed in a tomb. When the angel of warmth appears, it awakens the seed, caresses it and says, ‘Go on, get up now and leave this tomb!’ And behold! The life that was buried begins to stir. A tiny shoot splits the seed in two and forces its way above ground, giving birth to a stem that will one day grow into a magnificent tree. This is resurrection. However, there can be no resurrection unless the tomb is opened and only warmth – that is, love – is capable of opening tombs. Those whose hearts are full of love, of selfless, spiritual love, open the tombs of their cells. People have so many cells that are fermenting and falling apart! Indeed, thousands of tiny tombs need to be opened. As long as these cells are not animated and revitalized, they remain dormant, and human beings cannot fathom the inner wealth they possess. But once this resurrection has taken place, once their cells have been awakened, they will no longer be the same, for their consciousness will have expanded. Through everything they feel, everything they experience, they are moving in another dimension, the dimension of the spirit.