An initiate looks at your soul

April 5th 2021
In order to be noticed by an Initiate, a woman presents herself before him with her hair freshly curled, her perfume on, and her make-up in place; every colour is on her face – black, blue, red and green. The Initiate, who has a completely different understanding of beauty, will not tell her that she is mistaken, or that she does not even know to whom she is presenting herself, but he will not be impressed. Some will say, ‘Oh, I see, from now on I will present myself before an Initiate in tatters.’ Well, you would be like the proud Athenian who, to gain Socrates’ esteem, dressed himself in rags before going to visit him; his skin was even showing through the torn fabric. He stood before Socrates, who looked at him for a long time, then said, ‘You see, your pride is still apparent through these holes.’ He was not taken in! It does not make much difference whether you wear rags or luxury clothes, because an Initiate looks at your soul.