If a disciple accepts anarchy, disorder will take hold deep within them

April 6th 2021
Disciples of light never accept anarchy, knowing that if they do, it will first of all take hold deep within them, bringing disorder, imbalance and decay. Even health depends on obedience to a universal order. When we begin to establish this order within us, everything calms down and becomes balanced, harmonized, more attractive, enlightened, strengthened and revived. We then vibrate in unison with the whole cosmos, with all the celestial regions, and we become like a spring, like a sun – something that shines and flows and springs forth. This is the ideal towards which we should strive instead of leaving a door wide open to all the harmful currents floating about in the form of anarchist philosophies or ideologies. Whether it be an individual, a family, a society or a country, we destroy ourselves when we lay ourselves open to these currents; the law is implacable.