Its origins: experiencing the good and the harm we do to others

January 10th 2012
People do not become truly moral until there awakens within them a sensitivity to all that is collective, universal and cosmic. This faculty not only allows them to enter into the soul and heart of others, but also, if they should cause others to suffer, it allows them to experience for themselves the pain they are inflicting and to seek to make amends. One day, humans will have to understand that everything they do to others, the good and the harm alike, they also do to themselves. On the face of it, each being is alone, separate from all the others, but in reality, on the spiritual level some part of them lives in all creatures, in the entire universe. If this universal consciousness is awakened in you, as soon as you harm others you feel you are injuring yourself as well. And it is the same when you contribute your help and your love. This is the origin of morality: when humans begin to experience within themselves the good and the harm they do to others.