Open yourself up to heaven in order to receive them

April 9th 2021
You must open yourself up in order to receive the beneficial influences around you. Heaven has poured out all its blessings in abundance and if you fail to receive them, it is because your view of things is so limited that you have cut yourself off from the divine world. Then, you complain, ‘Oh, nobody hears me, nobody has come to help me – angels do not exist, God does not exist!’ There you have it: human beings create their own deplorable situations, and then they draw conclusions about the existence of God! They should try to open themselves up a little to heaven, to communicate with divine entities, then they would discover that these entities were there all along to support and enlighten them – it was simply up to them to seek this help. We do ourselves harm when we limit ourselves. So, we must open up, expand ourselves, and then we will be filled with awe, we will feel the divine blessing that is always above and around us.