The transformation of all our impure elements into light and heat

April 18th 2021
Most human beings cling to their limited concept of life, which is why their face bears the marks of the disarray and turmoil in which they are embroiled. Their lives are nothing but pettiness, discord, arguments and vexations inspired by their lower nature, which they refuse to sacrifice. Yet fire shows us that without sacrifice there would be no life. When you light a fire, all the black, twisted branches are transformed into energy, light and heat. This is why we must make up our mind to light the fire within us in order to burn all the rubbish, which as it is consumed, will also become light and heat. As long as we equate sacrifice with deprivation and impoverishment, we have not understood a thing. True sacrifice is the transformation of all the worn out, antiquated, impure elements into light and heat, that is, into wisdom and love.