Improving oneself

Rising up to contemplate a reality that surpasses us

April 19th 2021
If you want to improve yourself and become wiser, stronger and more radiant, you must spend a lot of time wishing for and visualizing these qualities. Imagine yourself surrounded by light, sending your love throughout the whole world, and withstanding all temptations and difficulties. Little by little, the images you form of these qualities become alive, they act upon you and transform you as they work to attract the right elements from the universe and draw them into you. Of course, it takes a good deal of time and work to achieve results, but the day this result presents itself, there can be no doubt about it – you feel a living entity above you protecting you, teaching you, purifying you, enlightening you, and offering you the support you need in times of hardship. You must begin by forming this perfection in the mental realm, and then, it will gradually descend into the material world where it will be realized.