The actions of a truly spiritual person are directed towards a single goal

April 20th 2021
What characterizes a truly spiritual person and distinguishes them from other people is the extraordinary unity they have achieved within themselves: their thoughts, feelings, and actions are coordinated and directed towards a single ideal; nothing is at odds within them. While in ordinary people, this unity is lacking – their desires pull them in one direction, their thoughts in another, and their actions in yet a third direction. There is a story about a mole, an eagle and a fish who got together to carry a heavy load. What happened? The mole tried to go underground, the eagle flapped its wings to take flight, and the fish wanted to dive into the water. Obviously, given these competing forces, the load remained exactly where it was! Most human beings also go in all directions, whereas a truly spiritual person’s actions are orderly, and directed harmoniously towards a single goal: perfection of a kind that can only be achieved through love, wisdom and the truth.