Baser desires

Sacrificing them to feed our inner fire

April 24th 2021
A candle’s flame is very small and fragile, a mere breath can blow it out, but if this flame reaches a certain size, then on the contrary, every breath and gust of wind will only increase its power. This image can help you to understand that if you are weak, the least event in life could extinguish your flame, that is to say, your inspiration and your impetus. But if you are strong, this flame will become a blaze that difficulties and obstacles will only fuel. As long as little things can strike you down, your flame is very weak. So gather more branches to feed it. You will say, ‘But I do not have any!’ What do you mean you have no branches? Sacrifice all the old wood, those black branches and old things you have inside you – your baser instincts and desires – throw them into the fire. Not only will you be rid of them, but never again will anything or anyone be able to extinguish the blaze burning within you.