Spiritual wealth attracts blessings

April 28th 2021
The creatures of the divine world love and respect only those who are rich. If you want to attract the attention of the entities of light and the forces of nature, you have to be wealthy, because not only will they give nothing to the poor, they will even take away what the poor have. They give to those who already have, and take from the have-nots what little they possess. In fact, in France, there is a proverb that says ‘lend only to the rich’. People have never really understood the meaning or origins of this truth; they find it cruel and unfair. Why give to the person who already has and take from the other what little they still have left? Well no, it is completely fair – heaven gives its blessings to those who have acquired spiritual wealth, whereas those who are spiritually poor and have done nothing to increase their wealth eventually lose what little they had.