In the worst ones, we must think to remove ourselves or make amends

April 29th 2021
You can find everything in the universe – heaven, earth and even hell – it is up to you to know where you want to go. If you have wandered carelessly into hell, that is no reason to linger there forever, you can leave. It may happen that you have to go to the bistro for a drink with friends, but this does not mean that you should never leave the bistro. You go for a walk in the forest and wish to gather strawberries; this is fine, but think about returning home, or night will fall and you will not be able to find your way back. You may have said some unfortunate words and made a mess of things. It does not matter, now speak words of a different kind and make it right! And if you fall into a swamp infested with bugs that sting you, instead of shouting and saying your prayers, hurry out and move somewhere more hospitable. Even in the worst situations, remember that nothing is final and that we must only think to remove ourselves or to make amends.