Kingdom of god

For it to come, a huge crowd must ask for it

May 2nd 2021
Does everyone have to be a lawyer, a philosopher or a scholar to join in a revolution, a strike or a street demonstration? No, but all must be present and united as one – the learned and the ignorant, the skilled and the unskilled, the weak and the strong – so as to emerge victorious! We see this kind of thing in the newspapers and on television every day, but we have not managed to interpret it. ‘But what is there to understand?’ you will ask. Many things, but in particular the quantity of people gathered to make demands is what gets results, not the quality. The fact that there are drunkards and invalids in the crowd is of secondary importance. What matters is that even those drunkards and invalids join forces with all the others in their claim for change. And what is important here, when it comes to asking for the kingdom of God? Of course, we must make every effort to be good, upright and disinterested, yes. But, above all, we must all want to join together so that the clamour of a huge crowd of human beings asking for the kingdom of God may be heard.