Primeval earth

It must become peaceful so that divinities may come and dwell within us

May 5th 2021
People who are ruled by their passions are like a primeval earth, always in turmoil and chaos. Of course, life still manages to sustain itself amidst all these upheavals, but the conditions are not conducive for it to produce very elaborate forms. The unleashing of passions puts human beings in a state that is incompatible with the emergence of a culture, a civilization. Passionate man remains a world in the grip of chaos; it is only when this primitive world becomes more peaceful and organized, that plants, animals and human beings will begin to dwell there, and life in the true sense of the word can finally exist. This is why the Initiates give us warnings and advice: so that we may learn to prepare a world within us in which even angels and divinities can dwell in the form of inspiration, intuition and revelations that will make us truly happy.