Hope, faith, love correspond to form, content and meaning

May 11th 2021
Hope, faith and love – these three virtues correspond respectively to form, content and meaning. Hope is linked to form, faith to content and love to meaning. It is the form that prepares and preserves the content. The content brings strength, and strength has no reason for being without meaning. Hope affects the physical body. When it is strong, it has a beneficial influence on the stomach, liver and intestines; if, on the contrary, it is weak or lacking, it has an adverse effect both on the digestive system and on the beauty of the body. Faith, which corresponds to the content, is linked to strength. If you want to have plenty of energy and live life to the full, you must cultivate faith. And it is love that gives the deepest and fullest meaning to life. However learned and wealthy we may be, if love does not flow through our being like a spring, life will have no meaning.