Spirit, the

Matter is the form that contains and compresses it

May 13th 2021
Matter is the form that contains, confines, and compresses the spirit. An atomic explosion for example is actually the spirit erupting in the form of heat and fire. For the explosion to happen, the spirit must be compressed within matter, for of itself matter can do nothing, it is no more than a support, a container. This is why people are mistaken when they marvel at the power of matter. They fail to see that the forces released from it are the forces of the spirit, which are only stored there for a while to be kept safe until the time comes for them to manifest themselves. The proof is that once these forces have been released, they cannot be recovered. Once the spirit has escaped, it is impossible to recapture it; it returns to the regions from which it came. As for matter, there is nothing left of it, it is pulverized, annihilated by the spirit.