Human beings are placed between matter and the spirit

May 16th 2021
God has given inertia to matter and impetus to the spirit, and human beings are placed between the two. They are outwardly covered with matter, but the spirit dwells within them. This means that they are subject to a twofold influence: at times they are animated by the spirit, and at others, matter tries to engulf them and drag them back to primeval chaos. Humans must constantly struggle to remain inwardly active so that the currents may flow; if they give in to inertia they become a swamp. This is what happens to people who do no intellectual, spiritual or divine work – they become foul-smelling bogs infested with tadpoles, frogs and bugs. Whereas those who are enlightened, well directed and guided not only take care never to repress the spirit, but open all their doors to it. And once the spirit is king, it begins to pacify, harmonize, vivify and illuminate the whole of their being.