Improving your future by preparing to become the master of your destiny

May 25th 2021
Philosophers never tire of debating the question of whether or not man is free. Some think that he is, others think that he is not, but in fact, they are not asking the right question. Freedom is not a condition that is given or withheld from man once and for all. Man’s freedom with respect to the present is very limited, because the present is the consequence of a past and it is impossible to go back and change it; we must put up with the past, and digest it. It is with respect to the future that we are free, because we have the means to create the future we wish for. It is essential that we grasp this truth so that we may know how to orientate our work. Once we know we can do something to improve the future, we no longer suffer the present, and we prepare ourselves to become even greater masters of our own destiny.