Its basis: awareness of oneness

February 7th 2011
When will people understand that they are not separate individuals but form a part of the great body of God, of which they each represent one cell? So, when they behave badly towards their neighbours, thinking that they are strangers, foreign to them, and can be mistreated with impunity, they are mistaken. The truth is that there is a connection between all living creatures, as there is between all the cells of the physical body. When we harm others, we are harming ourselves too, even if we feel nothing at the time. In the same way, when we are good to them, we are also being good to ourselves. I expect you have had this experience – if someone you love suffers or someone hits them, it is as if you yourself had received the blows, and if something happens to make them happy, you rejoice as though it had happened to you. Why? Because instinctively, intuitively, you entered into an awareness of oneness. And this very awareness is the basis of all true morality.