Higher senses, the

Hearing and sight leave human beings free

May 27th 2021
Hearing and sight leave human beings free, whereas smell, taste and touch enslave them, for they require them to be in close contact with objects and other beings. The sad thing is that the higher senses – sight and hearing – often encourage people to use the lower senses; yes, the eyes and ears try their utmost to sign contracts with the nose, mouth and hands. A man who marvels at a woman’s beauty and the sound of her voice is not content to just look and listen, he will go to great lengths to get close enough to breathe in her perfume, caress her and embrace her. Disciples understand that they must break this contract, that they must stop trying to get physically close to people and things in order to smell, taste and touch them, but remain only in contact with their subtle dimension by means of their ears and eyes.