Care and wisdom solve many problems

May 28th 2021
Suppose that during a conversation with your boss or a colleague, you were not really paying attention and you let slip a few unfortunate words. Well that does it, the relationship is finished, you are fired, and then there are lawsuits, expenses and so forth. You say that you will make amends, but that is also a costly business. So, try to understand that it is always to your advantage to be watchful and sensible so as not to complicate things, at least within yourself to begin with. Outwardly, of course, there will always be disorder and conflict, we cannot change the world; but in all that we do ourselves, it is possible, if we are conscious and vigilant, to introduce harmony, peace and light. If you work patiently every day, things will eventually work out for you, even on the material plane. By your conduct, you will earn the esteem and friendship of those around you, and everyone will want to help you, and do good things for you. Yes, with care and wisdom we can solve many problems.