Spiritual exercises

Finding the conditions of inner peace during the day

May 31st 2021
The reason why many people find it so difficult to practice spiritual exercises is that they do not know how to establish the right inner attitude. There they are, in a hurry, tense at the thought of the million and one other things they have to do, so they are unable to set all these concerns aside. In their unconscious, in their subconscious, there is something that hinders them and prevents them from getting results. Obviously, the hectic pace of life today and the many obligations it imposes are not conducive to spiritual activities, which require us to know how to free ourselves from our daily cares and adopt a different rhythm. But those who get into the habit of devoting half an hour or an hour to achieving certain conditions of inner peace, will not only find that they are able to meditate, but that they can carry out all their professional and family obligations more easily. There is a time and place for everything.