Higher self

A sublime being who want to know itself through matter

June 5th 2021
The goal of initiation is to release human beings from the limited sphere of their lower selves and to enable them to reach the limitless region of cosmic consciousness which dwells within them, but of which they have as yet no clear knowledge. There are thus two poles: yourself, here – the consciousness you have of yourself, in other words, your lower self – and your sublime Self, which also lives within you, which works and manifests itself without your being fully conscious of it. You can imagine this sublime Being who wants to know itself through the dense matter of your being. It already knows itself on high, to be sure, but it wants to know itself through you, through opaque matter. This effort you make to imagine your higher Self coming closer will one day result in such an illumination that your consciousness will know no more limits. You will dwell in the light and will finally feel at one with your higher Self.