Sun, the

Different entities inhabit its rays depending on their colour

June 9th 2021
The sun’s rays are powerful forces and wherever they penetrate, they produce great transformations. Entities inhabit these rays and manifest themselves differently depending on their colour – red, blue, green, yellow, and so on. When these rays are projected onto living beings, they carry out a great deal of work on them. Initiates make use of light and colours to help human beings, and they also teach their disciples to work with light. There are seven colours, and to each of them corresponds a virtue. This is why you must understand that each fault you commit weakens the power within you that corresponds to one of these colours. From the beginning of time, the true initiates have worked with light, for light alone can give you true power, true knowledge. With the advent of the laser, official science is gradually discovering the extraordinary power of light, but far greater still are the powers of spiritual light.