Think like an idealist and act like a materialist

June 11th 2021
You can criticize the philosophy of materialists, but you cannot deny their good work. These people are real heroes! They have taken upon themselves the tremendous burden of working with matter, and they are energetic, enterprising and audacious. They are able to do all kinds of things that mystics and contemplatives cannot do. However, these remarks are not to be taken as encouragement to desert the spiritualists’ camp to go and swell the ranks of the materialists. It is good to carry out work on earth, but it would be a mistake to imagine that only the earth exists. And when materialists arrive in the next world, they will find themselves completely at a loss, because they will have worked only for the earth. So here is the best solution: become an idealist when it comes to philosophy and a materialist when it comes to work in order to be a good worker in the field of matter. In other words, know both how to think well and act well.