It is developed when we reduce the quantity and increase the quality

June 13th 2021
Sensibility is a sign of evolution. The more a person’s sensibility increases, the more the life they receive becomes intense and abundant. When people’s sensibility diminishes, they regress toward the level of animals, plants and stones. You will say that the more sensitive you are, the more vulnerable you are to suffering. That is true, but even if it entails greater suffering, it is preferable to increase your sensibility, for in doing so you enhance the intensity of your life. As for those who possess this sensibility, they must be careful to practice moderation in order not to lose it, for excesses dull sensibility. If you read too much, for instance, your brain becomes saturated and you lose your taste for reflection. In order to understand what is most essential, you must not let too many ideas accumulate in your head. And where friendship and love are concerned, we must also remain vigilant and maintain a certain distance. Those who plunge headlong into the effervescence of love end by becoming jaded – they no longer feel anything. Sensibility develops in those who know how to reduce quantity and increase quality.