Important for our mental and physical health

June 16th 2021
All our illnesses, whatever they may be, stem from foreign elements that we have allowed to enter us, to penetrate our physical and psychic organisms. And because these elements are foreign, they create disorder. We only need to drive them out and order is fully restored. This is why purity is so important for human beings’ mental and physical health – purity, that is to say, the rejection of any element that interferes with the proper functioning of our organism. Unfortunately, as soon as human beings hear the word purity, they turn a deaf ear. For them, purity is a narrow, old-fashioned notion fit only for convents, so they continue to swallow anything that comes along: indigestible food, polluted air, dark thoughts and chaotic feelings. When will they understand that it is these impurities that create so many problems for them? If they worked on purity, they would be healthier, more intelligent, wiser and stronger.