A true artist takes themselves as the material for their creation

June 20th 2021
Artists create works of art that are external to themselves using material that is external to themselves; and as it is on this outer material that they concentrate their efforts, even if they produce masterpieces, when we meet these artists, we find that they themselves are not so magnificent. Often, we are astounded – their behaviour and their attitude are completely devoid of all the beauty found in their creations. They express neither balance, nor harmony, nor poetry. Well, understand that for initiates, true artists are those who are able to use themselves as the material for their creations. All the methods of the spiritual life are there at our disposal to help and inspire us in this endeavour. Yes, it is first and foremost within ourselves that we must create music and poetry, harmonious forms and movements, and shimmering colours. You will say, ‘But no one will see or hear anything!’ That is true; people will neither see nor hear this harmony in the way they see and hear classic art forms, but those around you will sense it and benefit from it.