Divine love

Its fire transforms our instincts

June 24th 2021
The feast of St John the Baptist takes place on the 24th of June under the guardianship of the Archangel Uriel, who presides over summer. The Church mentions three Archangels: Gabriel, Raphael and Mikhael, who preside over the three great feasts of the winter solstice and the spring and autumn equinoxes. But why is Uriel never mentioned? Uriel is an Archangel of light, and his name means ‘God is my light’. On the feast of St John, which occurs just as the sun enters Cancer, it is customary to light bonfires in the countryside, for this is the celebration of fire, of the warmth that ripens the fruit and all things. In summer, everything is on fire. This is also the fire of love, of physical, sensual love, of this formidable energy that simmers in the veins of all creatures. The feast of St John thus serves to remind disciples that it is essential to learn to work with the fire of divine love in order to transform all their instincts.