The expression, the cry from a soul starved for infinity

June 25th 2021
Every human being possesses a soul and a spirit, and they too have certain needs. Many people do not feel these needs because they have stifled them by indulging in a life without ideals. But these needs are there, and sometimes they manifest in people who are unable to understand their language. Do you believe that the young people who use drugs (and even the adults who tear their hair out over the situation) understand that their attraction to drugs is in reality an expression, a cry from their soul, which is starved for infinity and begging for food? What is left for the soul in a society where all belief in a divine world has been destroyed, and where economic and social success is held up as an ideal? Since the soul is deprived of the spiritual food it needs to soar into space, it goes searching for it in the material realm, in substances such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Yes, when the soul is not given the spiritual food it needs, it tries to make do with material foods, and this is disastrous.