Criteria to recognize whether it is really the master who speaks to you inwardly

June 27th 2021
So many disciples proclaim to others that their Master speaks to them inwardly. Of course, they can say what they like, but there are irrefutable criteria for recognizing whether it really is their Master who speaks to them or if it is simply an illusion stemming from their own wild imaginings. Before claiming that your Master speaks to you, understand that there are three criteria to be met. First, you are able to distinguish the path to follow clearly, and you are walking resolutely on this path. Next, you are becoming increasingly open to others, capable of understanding, loving and helping all creatures, and you feel an unmistakeable dilation in your heart, which moves you to give constant thanks to the Lord. Finally, your will is freed, and you are able to accomplish unimpeded all that is right, good and beautiful. If you truly fulfil these three conditions, you may hope that the voice you hear is in fact really that of your Master. But is it necessary to go around telling everyone?