It is by our attitude that we attract or repel the spirits of light

June 28th 2021
Every fault we commit in our thoughts, feelings or actions drives away certain spiritual entities within us who cannot stand this disharmony. Only inferior spirits can tolerate it – the spirits of light leave us. Lead a chaotic life for eight days and you will see that all of heaven’s workers have abandoned you, and that you cannot regain the peace, buoyancy and inspiration you once knew. Your entire future depends on your understanding of this truth: it is by your attitude that you attract or repel the spirits of light. And it is entirely up to you whether the most highly evolved spirits come to dwell in your heart and in your soul. When they do so, you will become master of yourself, steadfast in all circumstances, and you will come to possess your true human face. Your light will shine out into the cosmos, even to the farthest stars, communicating the subtlest vibrations to the plants and the constellations. Accept this truth and you will possess the powerful key to realization.