Inner discomfort

Find the cause of it and dispel it with light

July 1st 2021
When you feel an inner discomfort, do not let it linger without doing something about it. Stop and take stock of the state you are in – what exactly are you feeling, what has caused it? Try to remember what you have seen and heard, or what you yourself have done, said or thought. Because something has caused it, and it is good to figure out what, in order to learn a lesson for the future. If you do not find the cause, do not just sit and do nothing. Concentrate and try to dispel this discomfort by connecting with the world of light, which is our only salvation. Immerse yourself in the light, imagine that you are swimming in this purifying and invigorating fluid, and soon you will feel free, a weight will be lifted, and you will be able to continue your work.