True temple, the

A hallowed human body

July 3rd 2021
As long as human beings are not sufficiently evolved to understand the basic truths of the spiritual life, they will need the tangible, material aspects of religion. But the day they finally manage to become more fully developed and awaken within themselves certain subtle centres – known in Hindu philosophy as chakras – they will gain a higher level of understanding of things and will begin to abandon the outer forms, for these forms will no longer seem as vital, intense and powerful as those they are experiencing inwardly. Then they will no longer even need temples and churches. There are many temples in the world, all of which have their reason for being. Thanks to the fervour of all the faithful who for centuries have prayed within their walls, churches and temples are imbued with a sacred atmosphere. But not even the most beautiful basilica or the most splendid cathedral can compare with a human body that has been purified and hallowed until it has become a true temple. When human beings have made temples of their bodies, and they pray in these temples, the Lord hears and grants their prayers.