The freedom of god infuses those who want to serve him

July 5th 2021
People are free only when they succeed in vibrating in harmony with the cosmic Spirit. Only the cosmic Spirit, the Lord, is free, absolutely free, and so it is only in so far as they become one with the Lord that people will become truly free themselves, because the freedom of the Lord will enter them. If they draw away from the Lord or cut themselves off from Him, that’s it, they will no longer be free. They may think that they are free, but the truth is that they are slaves to other forces, other wills, other influences that are guiding them without them realizing it. So we should beg the Lord not to leave us free, but to take us into His service, for God’s freedom infuses the hearts of those who wish to serve Him. In this way, almost without knowing it, we are driven to accomplish only enlightened, fair and noble acts, because we are inspired by others – by divine entities.